Landscape Lighting

1 Introduction
       Landscape lighting is an outdoor lighting that has both lighting functions and artistic decoration and landscaping functions in urban construction. Landscape lighting can be divided into road landscape lighting, garden square landscape lighting, and architectural landscape lighting.
Landscape lighting usually covers a wide range of categories and requires a lot of planning thinking, while taking into account key points such as small scenes, buildings and other individual key lighting.
2. Significance
       To create a modern artificial lighting environment and lighting landscape combining science and art, and to establish a natural, harmonious and beautiful nighttime ambient lighting, through different lighting methods and means, using light and shadow, light and color to carry out regional human landscapes and natural landscapes. Dress up, express the shape, structure, characteristics and personality of the regional buildings, bridges and other carriers, show their charm, essence and aura, create a beautiful and comfortable night light environment for people, bring people unlimited imagination and spiritual touch.
3. Basic principles
       Safety first, quality first, lighting facilities and garden style.
4. Implementation
       Functionally meets the scenery and safety, artistic conception (bright, ambiguous, colorful). Type of light used: downlight, uplight, floodlighting, road lighting, decorative lighting, pole lights, wall lights, area lights.

5. Planning steps
1. Garden background, planning, techniques
2. Design ideas
3. Design basis
4. Lighting planning core objectives
5. Lighting staging planning and brightness planning
6. Main landscape lighting planning and design concept
7. Implementation of the first phase of lighting planning
8. Lighting landscape detailing

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